Coffee Lady Strikes Again!!!

A little while ago, I mentioned Coffee Lady, (thus called because when I tried to introduce myself and say hello, the first  words she said to me were ‘I put my coffee away this morning, and from that second on I knew MHS e block!) are deliberately filling this block with nut nuts.That also means I was the first in than her strange antics. She is rather strange, and spends most of her day making so much noise I worry she is an axe-murderer, because I am not sure what else would cause the constant slamming and banging I hear daily.

Anyway, rewind back to yesterday. I was (am) not very well with a severe headache that even my morphine patches aren’t touching. I was just arriving back home when I saw coffee lady just in front of me. She walked past the gate that leads to our block, so I decided to take a chance and try to get in before her, mainly because I was feeling. awful and didn’t want to talk to anyone. But, because of my chronic pain, snails would not have much trouble catching up with me. Therefore, when she had gone past two other gates are realised she needed our one, she turned round and we arrived at the gate at a very similar time. She was about 3 feet in front of me.

As we were walking up the stairs, I said hello, and for once she was lucid enough to say hello back. I continue my slow ascent to the top floor. No sooner had I made it up the first set of stairs (she waited for me!)  she said that her daughter was in university, and that she had sent some lovely photo’s. She fished the photo’s out of the bag, and passes me a picture. I think my confused look must have given me away, as she then said ‘Isn’t it lovely, she says this is the best bit about university. What was on that photo? Her dirty, scummy shower. Lovely. The next picture was of the toilet, because she can now do a little and a big flush depending on the service required… *Ahem*.

I  excused myself then, terrified of what picture would come out if I stayed!

So, why am I up so early? Apparently coffee lady likes to vacuum at 5.30 in the morning. I tried to jump up and down on the floor, but I shook my head whilst jumping and only succeeded  in making myself sick again. Humph!!




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