Sibling Rivalry!

So, I grew up with two brothers and a sister. Not always easy! Though we all get along now, a conversation with another lady brought back a load of memories.

My mum used to have to turn detective, to find out who did what. One time, my older brother was bitten by one of us, but we all denied it (of course!). She made some salt dough and took bite samples from all of us to compare to the bite mark on my older brother, and, of course, it was my younger brother that did it.

But our rivalry didn’t stop there! There was the hilarious (but serious) episode of the slammed willy! My sister was lying in a toy chest, and we were all playing. Then my older brother suggests my younger brother wee’s on my little sister. So my little brother takes his willy out and puts it over the side of the chest when BAM my older brother slams the toy lid down right on my little brothers privates. The most funny thing was when my little brother started screaming my older brother ran up into his bed, and pretended to be waking up just as my mum got to the room. I was blamed for years!!!

My brother also kindly washed my hair… in the loo…. with a bog brush. Never mind the fights, the bites, the hair pulling, the girls vs boys, the colouring our faces with permanent pens to look like clowns, the CONSTANT grassing each other up, the name calling, the ‘hating’ etc. As we got a little older and I was pregnant (at 15) and my daughter was born, my little brother even said I wasn’t allowed to show anyone any pictures I took of him with the baby.

We used to form alliances with each other that often led to us swapping rooms while mum and dad were still asleep to be with our new best friend.

Ooooh then there was the secret filming! I was a bit of a thief, and when things go missing we were told to talk amongst ourselves and own up. We didn’t know dad had put a camera there to film us! The films are hilarious, me pacing up and down accusing the others when it was usually me all along!

Despite all that, not only do we love each other but there were some great times too. I remember games of hide and seek where we would giggle rather loudly whenever my dad was close. There were treasure hunts, walks in the country, pub lunches (that we were too young to appreciate), bottle digging and all sorts. It was great! I have to cling on to those memories because they help counter all the bad memories I have of that time.

Despite the abuse, I had a great childhood and I am lucky enough to have two parents that love me. A huge family that backs me up and support everywhere. It doesn’t always stop the loneliness, but it sure does help!


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