Welcome to the Mad House! Pet Sitting Mania!


For the past couple of days, I have been pet sitting for a friend while he was on a training course. I wanted to share with you some of the crazy things his pets do, but before I tell you that, I should probably tell the animals he has….

6x Chickens

1x Staffy Dog called Sprocket

1x Hamster called Wiggle

7x Tropical fish


Today was a little manic. And fairly hilarious too! I got up at the inhuman time of 6.30am to let them out of their houses and sort out their feed and water, and check for any eggs. I went back to bed after doing this, hoping for a couple of hours more sleep. However, at approximately 7am, there was a rather loud kerfufflel outside, meaning I had to throw my coat on and go and investigate. After walking out the back door, I was greeted by a manic chicken (called Dinner) who jumped on my head (he had been on a shed right by the back door) with a half eaten worm in its mouth, refusing to share with the others. After I jumped it ‘flew’ down and a hilarious game of chase ensued. He eventually managed to finish his worm.

Once all that was finished, I went back inside. However, one of the chickens (Scruff) ran in after me before I managed to shut the door shot in and ran to her favourite nesting spot. She proceeded to lay her egg whilst serenading me with the song of her people. So much for listening to the morning news!!!! I let her out once she was done, and once again searched for eggs (they lay right through the day). I found one, and was picking it up when Scruff decided to jump up and peck a massive hole in the egg, the shock caused me to drop it, and another feeding frenzy ensued, which was totally disgusting… still, it is full of protein I guess.

After resting for a while, a certain cowardly Sprocket needed the toilet. Given than she is terrified of the chickens and they are prone to chasing and pecking her, I have to play police lady and walk out with her, keeping the chickens at bay while she does her business.

Sprocket is currently having a mad moment, and appears to be chasing an imaginary ball. very strange!!!!

Last night, Wiggle was preparing for the London Marathon this weekend by doing an unprecedented run in his wheel, must have been going for two hours! He brought food into the ball so that he could snack while he runs! He is also gross enough to poop while he is running too!!

While outside watching the chickens a few hours ago, one of them had the good sense to step on the edge of a tub that had collected a fair amount of rain water, resulting in one very wet and startled chicken. I was laughing so loud the neighbour came out to see what was going on!

It has certainly been an experience here, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have had plenty of laughs watching the chickens  explore… the dust bathing experience is particularly entertaining!!!

It is a real treat to see the chickens (all rescued, three from a battery farm and 3 from appalling hope conditions) really enjoy themselves, exploring, scratching, and behaving as they naturally would. And the frenzy that ensues when chopped apple is introduced to the mix is positively hilarious.


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