Get over yourself!!!

Are you perfect? Of course not. And I shall tell you a secret… I am not perfect either. In fact, no one is. So I never understand why people seem so afraid to admit it.

It is human, at the most basic level. We can’t control it, prevent it or stop it. So we might as well get used to it. By accepting that we are going to make mistakes, we take some of the pressure from ourselves. And, interestingly, the less pressure we are under, the less mistakes we make.

Making mistakes is one thing. Repeatedly making the same mistakes is quite another. The only way we can better ourselves is to learn from the mistakes. Generally, the more painful the mistake, the fewer times it will be repeated. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I believe the definition of insanity is shockingly similar.

Of course, the only way to accept your mistakes and move on from them is to accept responsibility for them. And I think this is where the real issue begins. Accepting responsibility means not only accepting you were wrong, but accepting the consequences for that action. And consequences often suck. They can be cross employers, upset families, disappointed friends, or even worse, disappointment in ourselves. But remember, if it didn’t hurt, would you have learned from it? Nope!

As someone whose mental health problems mean I feel emotions extremely strongly, I, more than most, understand how important certain emotions are. In fact, believe it or not, I think the emotion with the least genuine use is also one that feels amazing. Lust.

It is never nice feeling bad, but if you understand why you are feeling those emotions, you can come to understand what you need to do to change them, how they can help you to do that. Never underestimate your ability to understand your body.


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