Tug of war… the difficult decisions.

If you have a loved one with mental health problems, you will understand perfectly what I am about to write. Mental health problems are very, very hard to deal with. I know from experience that I can be perfectly happy in one moment, and then 2 seconds later being exceedingly angry, or even upset. It is disturbing for me, but most disturbing for those around me. They have to judge what to say, when and how to say it, and when to back off. They have gotten very good at reading my signals, and try their best to help when I need it. But I know it is hard on them!

The better you know someone, the more you will understand trigger points etc. Sometimes, however, the person suffering with mental health problems is not aware they are going into that dark and twisty place. I have gone down without knowing before. I stopped taking my meds, stopped getting out of bed even.  So once again,  the had to step in. And I would fight them every step of the way.

Recently,  there have been a few people in my life that I love dearly going through a similar thing.  For example, one of my siblings is deeply depressed. He doesn’t think he is, and, as is all so common in depression (and men too), he refuses to anything about it. If you have had depression in the past, you will know that your motivation to do anything just disappears And gradually you  fade away. It is awful to watch. You gradually lose friends as you don’t want to go out. You  stop socialising with your family, you lose interest in everything that involves any effort whatsoever. Generally, we start out softly  softly, and each time we receive little/ no response, we up the ante.


It  is a tug of war. The object of the ‘game’ here is to get them over that line, back to the world of the living. Tug them too hard, however, and they will fall flat on their face. Be careful, fragile things break easily.


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