Another poem

The tablets trickle down my throat, I feel the power within

My body is my minds scapegoat for all the pain I’m in

I’m feeling so much better now, the pain has gone inside

My minds no longer on the prowl, the hurt has stepped aside.

I’ll be pain free for just a week before the hurt returns

And then my mind will get so bleak, to tablets I will turn

To stop the pain, just one more time, and make my stomach churn

And tell myself I’ll be just fine as my insides start to burn

I’ve ended up in hospital,connected to a drip

Just one last time I tell myself, as that clock begins to tick.


Hey! This is a poem I wrote about 4/5 years ago. It was a darker period in my life, but the poem shows a huge insight into my life and thought processes! I hope you enjoy it! I have worked hard on my poems, so please don’t copy them or claim it as your own. If you come and ask me ( comments box) I will definitely say yes. So please just ask! If permission is granted, I would require the poem to remain exactly as it is written, with credit to me and a link to this blog.


Thank you!!!!


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