You want that? For free??




I have been ‘running’ my local Freecycle group for nearly 4 years now. I am really passionate about this organisation, and fully support what it does. I have also received items such as a washing machine, cross trainer and a cot bed from the group. Without that, I would still be washing things in the bath tub/ spending a fortune at the launderette.

The basic idea is that instead of throwing things away that you no longer want or need, you post them to the group and goes to people who may not be able to afford it for themselves. It works all round, because the ‘giver’ doesn’t have to go to the effort of taking it to the tip, or even lugging it outside their house. And the ‘receiver’ gets an item they really want/ need without having to pay for it.

Now, whilst the members of my group are very generous, sometimes the ‘wanted’ posts stretch from hoping for the best to almost offensive. I say the word offensive because the spirit of the group is to help each other out. Maybe it is just me, but I dislike the posts that ask for too much.  The following list is some of the more crazy requests we get.

  • A diamond engagement ring that MUST BE at least 1 carat.
  • A car (we get this a lot)
  • A flat screen TV at least 40 inches
  • A double oven less than a year old
  • 3 TV’s so her children could each have TV’s in their rooms.
  • (Specific Breed of) Puppy
  • 150L Fish Tank with full marine set up
  • 2 Laptops fully working
  • A house (yes, that really happened)
  • Viagra
  • Playstation 3
  • American style double fridge
  • Cream real leather sofa with no scratches at all.
  • iPhone 5
  • King size bed with new mattress IN WRAPPING
  • Chefs knives (It kindly cam with a link to some nesting knives around the £800-£1,000 mark).

I have to laugh. I think if you are asking for something from someone else completely free of charge, you should be a little more humble, grateful and willing to accept anything (within certain parameters obviously) that was offered. For example, if you need a TV, don’t say it has to be huge. Simply say you want a TV in working order. And be grateful for what you are given. I believe some people think they can ask for anything and someone rich will just go out and buy it for them. If that were true, I would never run out of Twirl bars!!!



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