Some little-known websites you need in your life!!

I have been a little quiet lately, as I have not been in the best of health.  On the plus side, I have come across some brilliant websites that I would love to share with you. Whether you want some mental stimulation or to get through to the right people on the phone, this list is for you. Please feel free to add your own must-know websites in the comments section.

So You Wanna?

Have you ever wanted to know how to publish a book? How to get a Pilot’s license? How to speak with an Irish accent? So You Wanna is your  one stop shop for learning how to do things the  easy way. Not all of it will help you succeed in life, but impressing your friends is sometimes better, isn’t it? Definitely worth having a look through. You would be an ‘eejit’ not to! (Geddit??!).

Mental Floss

Ever get tired of the same mind-numbing sites? Comparing Meerkat’s is fun, to a point. But sometimes I want to sink my teeth into something more. So if you prefer Steak to burgers, Mental floss is where you need to be. The information may not get you into the space programme, but trivia like this is bound to come in handy some day. Not to mention impressing your friends (or making them feel silly depending on execution), and an all but guaranteed win next time you play Trivial Persuit. And let’s not forget we need to exercise our brains to help us keep our faculties as we get older. I am only 22 and forget what I am doing, saying, and even thinking on a regular basis.

Get Human

I am not sure about you, but there is little that annoys me more than spending ages on hold, listening to that AWFUL music, only to be disconnected after listening to an electronic message about your PPI insurance. Which would be fine, if you weren’t phoning your energy supplier! Get Human is a fantastic website which provides numbers, what extension numbers to press to speak to a human, and alternative ways to contact them. I have tested it out (with EDF and Southern Water) with fantastic results. It will certainly be my one-stop-shop from now on! No more phoning the wrong number (Hello, Southern Water….oh no, ma’am, you want complaints! We are the zebra protection line).

Cha Cha

Ever have a burning question that seems so silly you don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking someone you know, and Google just doesn’t have the answers? Ask here. Human-powered answers to all life’s little questions. And the best bit? It is all for free. Absolutely brilliant. Sort of like Yahoo! Answers but for grown ups, and without the drama! Anything goes! Even, and I quote, ‘Why do Chinese Peoples Eyes Look Funny‘. Of course, because it is real people answering, not everything will be 100% accurate, and you might not get a very in depth answer. But plenty of fun, none the less.


Let me Google that for you. For comedic value, this is one of the best. Use sparingly for best results. Here is how it works. Your friend puts some silly question on Facebook. Let’s use ‘How to boil an egg’ as an example. You feel the individual in question should not have wasted valuable internet bandwidth with such a question. So instead of providing an answer, you click onto the link above. In the box, type in your friends question. It will give you a link, like this, which you post on your friends status.  Your friend then clicks on the link, to be shown a clip of the website Googling their exact question (example in the link provided). It really is hilarious. Best of all? You get your laugh, and because the link ends up doing a real Google search, they get their answers. Everyone wins, and you earn ‘cool’ points.

Life Hacker

Put simply, tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. If you want to know how to build a computer, make Facebook more secure, when to buy a new pillow or how long to nap for the biggest benefits, then this is the place to be. Well worth a look through.


Ever wanted to send someone a letter in the post, but couldn’t be bothered to purchase stamps or walk to the post box? Well me neither. But should it ever take your fancy, this is the place to go. Not bad prices either. And thinking about it, I am sure we all enjoy things in the post that are not demanding money or trying to sell you something!

Typing Tutor

If you want to brush up on your typing skills, this website is worth a go. Whilst I do not believe all the text makes sense, or uses proper grammar, for a free tool it is more than satisfactory. It will teach you where all the buttons are, and goes from very basic (home keys) to advanced, so you can start where you feel comfortable. And it has speed and accuracy drills too.


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