Memory Foam, Neighbours and EDF- Thoughts and Rants!

a little bit

I have a few bits I wanted to write about today, as I am taking a little break from the heavy stuff.


I was lucky enough to come into a little money recently, enabling me to purchase a new mattress that was desperately needed. I suffer with chronic pain, particularly in my back. I have arthritis in both me knees and my hip (potentially my other hip too now) and I seem to fall over a lot. As yet, I do not have a proper diagnosis. We don’t know what it is. I also want to remind you that I am 22… very young to be having such troubles. I am on morphine patches, amongst other meds, for the pain. So I had to think long and hard about what sort of mattress would provide the right support.

As some of you may know, I have cirrhosis of the liver due to a decade of overdosing. Because of that, I have cut back on my meds to just the essentials. That means that I have come off my sleep meds. The result? I have been averaging 2 hours a night (broken up, not continuous) for the past month. It has been driving me absolutely insane.

I am, however, lucky enough to have an amazing hairdresser, who gave me some lavender based products to help me sleep. I had managed to get 5 hours a night with that, which is brilliant. But yesterday, my new memory foam mattress arrived. I got 9 hours sleep. And the best bit? I woke up pain free for the first time in years. Admittedly,  the pain has come back since waking and moving around, but I am thrilled with my purchase. There are a couple of bad points, of course it gets very warm (which will be a plus in winter) and I can’t ‘rock’ very easily. That last one sounds weird, I know. But I rock from side to side to get to sleep. They call it ‘self soothing’, but I have been doing it since I was a child. But all in all, I am very impressed indeed.


I was housebound yesterday. Of course, I was waiting in for the mattress too, but crazy coffee lady (see previous blogs about my neighbours)  is doing some weird stuff! In the morning, she was walking up and down the path (leading up to my block of flats) in very short shorts about 10 sizes too small (I should elaborate that she is a woman in her 40’s/ 50’s, probably a size 16 in clothes? Maybe an 18. She is somewhat mentally challenged too) and a boob tube about 2 sizes to big! She was just walking up and down the path for about 15 minutes before she went inside. Later that day, she was wielding a drill. I had to sit on the sofa with my feet up because I think she was drilling into the ceiling and I was convinced she was coming through my floor!! Who knows what she was doing, she was drilling for over 2 hours!

This is after she spent the day hammering a few days ago. I am convinced she has decorated all her walls and the floor with nails placed at 1cm intervals. I cannot think of what could possibly need that much hammering. I have pictures on most of my walls, and I have changed the round loads. In the 4 years I have been here, I don’t think I have used a quarter of the amount of nails she must have used in a day

I should not complain too much, I was trying to install a bathroom cabinet which needed a drill. But I don’t have one (thank goodness) so I decided to use a nail to create the hole, then screws to enlarge in, and everything was fine, until I hung the cabinet up. Unfortunately, it turns out the wall plug thingies are important. So, I tried to hammer one in. I broke it. Soooo, I am going to attempt to screw them in instead today. I will let you know when I succeed. Perhaps I should take some sort of DIY course so I don’t look like complete fool all the time. This is the downside to living alone.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am having problems with EDF. Because of my mental health problems, I have impulse control issues that mainly manifest in my spending money on the wrong things. Because of that, last year I got into some significant debt with EDF (around £550). In January, I set up a payment plan which I stuck to religiously for 7 months. But I still kept getting bills saying I was in debt with my ‘current usage’ which is separate from the initial debt. This is despite the fact that I was told what I was paying would not only pay off my debt but also cover my current usage.

Since then, there have been no less than 16 phone calls and around 20 emails sent back and forth. Every person I have spoken too has given me a different explanation, even the same people spoken to more than once have changed the story. I have stopped paying them, as I don’t know what they are doing. And the worst bit? They are trying to make ME feel stupid for not understanding what they are saying! Every person I have spoken to declares they are right and I should listen just to them, and then tell me polar opposites of what everyone else has said.


Phone call in August, the man said that the £100 a month was  not covering my current usage which is why the debt was not going down. He then proceeded to check the account and said we could set up another payment plan for the same amount that would cover the debt and current usage because I was only using £35 a month in energy. Try to figure that one out.

Phone call in late August, spoke to a woman who declared £100 was not enough each month to pay for my current usage. She kept on repeating (she must have said it 11 times) that this was because of the particularly cold winter. I explained that my bills had been around £40 a month for four years, you can’t say one cold winter jumped my bill up to £100 a month for 12 months!!!! I live on my own, I am out a lot, I honestly don’t use that much in the way of energy.

I have had emails saying I didn’t pay half of it, emails saying the money was all coming off my previous debt and not my current usage, emails saying that I still owe £500 on the previous debt and letter saying I owe £447 in total.

I have had to move it on to the financial ombudsman. The worst bit? EDF Can’t even see what they have done wrong. Not only am I going for compensation from the ombudsman, I may even consider a lawsuit as I made it clear time and time and time again that I have severe mental health problems and I can’t cope with things like this. It really is infuriating.


2 thoughts on “Memory Foam, Neighbours and EDF- Thoughts and Rants!

  1. EDF aren’t to know that you have mental health problems. Even if they did, they wouldn’t treat you any differently due to the Disability Discrimination Act of 2010.
    Reading your posts, you seem quite intelligent and more than capable of basic understanding for the simplest of things. Perhaps you should get on to your local government official to find out about using a carer of some sort? I’m assuming you live on your own which is possibly quite risky- can you not live with someone else like your parents?

  2. Apologies for my presumptions but these are all I have as you have not stated whether or not you live on your own.
    Large corporations can provide information in various formats (for example, an invoice in braille if required) which is their duty to do so. What I’m saying is that they wouldn’t treat you any differently simply because you have a disability. If that were the case, everyone would tell their energy supplier that they were disabled.
    Obviously I don’t know more about your situation than you but after reading about overdosing and the problems you have with debts, I just wondered if living with someone was an option as this could be beneficial to you.

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