What does surviving mean?


As promised, I will publish the poems I write from time to time. I find writing poetry a good release, and it helps me put some kind of order to the way I am feeling. These poems are deeply personal to me, and I have the copyright. Please do not post this poem in full or in part without prior written permission being granted. Permission will only be granted providing the poem is reproduced in full and linking me to the source. Thank you.

What does surviving mean?

What does surviving really mean?

Because I doubt I will ever feel truly clean.

Does it mean to learn to trust again?

Because I doubt that’s something I could sustain.

Does it mean to learn what it’s like to love?

Because I thought that came from up above.

Does it mean to force that perfect smile?

Because it hasn’t been genuine for a while.

Does it mean to stop those horrid dreams?

Because they only ever end in screams.

Does it mean to say that ‘I’m ok’ ?

Because I can’t seem to get past the grey.

Does it mean to laugh and joke with friends?

Because it all feels so pretend.

Does it mean to make a wish?

Because that just doesn’t fill the dish.

Or does it mean to smile and wave

To learn to laugh and try to be brave

To stand up tall and hold your head up high

And NEVER let them see you cry.

I have survived the pain and tears

I have survived my deepest fears

I have survived the worst of men

And I DID learn to smile again.


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