Benefit Scroungers!


I have just stared at this blank page for about three minutes because I could not think of a way to describe the ‘people’ who think it is ok to try and con the system.

I am not talking about people who are on benefits because they need them, I am talking about those on benefits because they *want* to be.

How sad it is that people with real disabilities now have to go through traumatic examinations and interviews just to get money they need to survive.

So there are two groups of scum that wind me up no end. First, are those who choose to be on benefits because they would rather sit around and take drugs and alcohol than earn themselves some money. These ‘people’ wont make genuine efforts to look for work. And yet, while some of us are struggling just to feed ourselves and our families, they have enough money to buy drugs! And somehow they can afford to throw loud parties that often get out of hand. These claimants are lying every time they show their little form asking them about what efforts they have made for work.

Next, there are those that actively con the system. They lie about health problems they don’t have. They lie about houses they don’t need. Quite often, they will be working whilst getting money from the state.

Because of these selfish people, the state pays out millions in falsely claimed benefits. This means higher taxes for those working, and harsh cuts for those claiming benefits who really need them. This means children loosing out on funds, child care and vital socialisation. This means other vital services (our emergency and first call services, like GP’s) are facing huge cuts.

So, what can be done?

1) Random drug tests on all benefit claimants. If any illegal substances are found, their benefits are stopped. No second chances, no chance to reclaim for three years. If arrested (and charged) for possession or intent to supply, same outcome. (I firmly believe the savings the DWP would make far outweigh the costs of the random drug testing)

2) If claimants can afford three family holidays a year, they are getting too much money. The state should halve it. Exceptions could be made in extraordinary situations (for example families wanting to spend positive time away with a dying family member to create happy memories).

3) You should only be able to claim unemployment benefits such as Job Seekers Allowance for 12 months, and unless genuine proof shows you have genuinely tried to get work during that time and have been unable to, benefits will stop after that time. I have seen these job seeker forms when people have just written ‘I did a Google search for local jobs’ and that has been ticked as an acceptable effort!!!

4) After one year on job seekers benefits, if you have been allowed to continue your claim for genuine weekly efforts, there should be training, help with CV’s, the chance to re-sit exams and more intensive help to find work. It will be cheaper to do this than continue paying them benefits for years.

5) Get rid of government funded medical examinations to prove a disability or health problem. Not only do they very often get it wrong, but they do not know the history of the patient. Instead, reports from Doctors, Consultants and Specialists directly involved in a patients care should be acceptable. I know from experience if you have genuine medical problems there is a shed load of paper work that goes with it. I can’t see how you can fake that, especially if they make phone calls to confirm information given.

6) Stop giving women that pop out babies every five minutes benefits and accommodation. While accidents happen, people with 7 children that refuse to work and want money to pay for their children are taking tax payers for a ride, and not in a good way. There should be a two child limit, any more after that and your money is capped so you don’t receive money for them.

7) People who have been in this country for less than a year should not be entitled to any free health care.


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