Struggling with the heat? So are your pets!!

I could scream. Literally. Some people are idiots. I don’t truly believe posting this will actually make a difference, as I have no doubt people intelligent and interesting enough to be reading blogs are not stupid enough to lock their dogs in cars, in this heat!!

And yet, what did I find when popping to a shop this afternoon? You got it… a dog locked in a car. Admittedly, the windows were cracked a little, but in heat like this, that does not count as suitable protection!! The dog was left in there for fifteen minutes after I found him.. who knows how long he had been in there before.

Despite wanting to throw a kettle of boiling water on his head, I refrained and instead reacted in the highly civil way of shouting abuse and reporting the license plate number to the police and RSPCA. Meh. I got cross.

Here is a run down of the basics… can I please ask all that read this either re-post, or post a similar version of their own. Perhaps we can reach one ignorant fool between us.

1) Do NOT leave dogs in cars. Just don’t do it. Trust me, they will be happier home alone than in your car. If you have no choice, and absolutely must bring your dog out with you, park in the shade. Leave plenty of water. Don’t leave the dog unattended for more than a couple of minutes at a time. If your dog is excessively panting, then it is time to get home.

2) Walk your dogs first thing in the morning,  or last thing at night, when the temperatures are cooler. Avoid long walks when the weather is like this. If your dog seems lethargic and unwilling to walk, then that is ok! Don’t force your pets out if they are more comfortable inside. If your dog will drink water when out walking, be sure to offer it regularly.

3) Make up treats! Your dogs (cats too) will love frozen ‘ice lollies’ and they are so simple to make! Simply put a couple of treats in a bowl, pour water on and freeze over night. If you want to make sure the treats are in the middle of the ice chunk rather than the bottom, freeze a layer of ice first, then add the treats, more water, and freeze again. You don’t need to put treats in either, they will love plain ice too!

4) Check regularly throughout the day to make sure they have access to water. This is especially important for dogs fed on dry food, as they will consume more water on a daily basis anyway.

5) If you have exotic animals (reptiles in particular… bearded dragons, geckos, tortoises etc) take them outside! Ten minutes in the sun gives them the same amount of vitamin D has 4 hours under a UV light.

6) Keep birds, vivs, cages and aquariums away from windows and out of direct sun light.

7) If you have pets that enjoy being outside (rabbits, guinea pigs etc) then don’t take them out between 11am and 4pm, when the sun is hottest. Keep an eye on them, make sure they have plenty of water and are in the shade.

8) Use sun cream on your pets too! If you have a pet (white cats often suffer with this problem) that has pink bits or exposed skin, use sun cream! Rub a little on their nose, and the tips of their ears. Be sure to check with your vet first to find a suitable cream and get more information about protecting your pets skin. The last thing you want is your pet having the tips of their ears removed due to cancer!

9) Better safe than sorry, every time!

10) Use common sense. It’s there. If you do not feel confident about how to help your pets in the heat, ask your vet! They will always prefer giving advice to treating a sick animal.

One more thing…. stop hogging the fan!


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