Home grown heroes, our emergency services

emergency services

Here is something that gets on my tits. People moaning about our emergency/ front-line services. So I am going to break it down, because I am exceptionally cool like that.


Ah, the NHS. Possibly the greatest institution in the world. Famous world wide, celebrated in our Olympic Opening Ceremony, and so good people risk their lives illegally entering the country to receive treatment. So why do we moan about it? Perhaps you had to wait 12 weeks for a scan to see if you have PCOS. Sure, that is very important to you. But what if you thought you had cancer? Would you be happy knowing you couldn’t have your scan for 12 weeks because someone needed a scan to check for a non fatal disease? Prioritising is one of the hardest things the NHS does. It means that if you go to A&E because you have a paper cut, you don’t get to moan because the person vomiting blood gets seen before you. And if you have to sit there for 12 hours (I have been there) you don’t get to moan.

Do you know the best bit? You can go private. If you want less waiting times and ‘better’ consultants, pay for it like everyone else in the world. There are plenty of private hospitals around.

I have heard stories from friends across the pond, about being unable to go and see a doctor about a lump because they don’t have insurance or the funds to do so. We are so lucky we don’t have that. It is easy to moan when it’s there, but we would be lost without it.

Sure, there will be times when mistakes are made, things are not up to standard and you don’t get seen quickly. That happens in private hospitals too. And we also have to remember that there is a serious lack of staff. One solution is to increase taxes. But we would moan about that too. It isn’t because the staff are rubbish that you get left alone, it is because there are not enough hands. I have been in wards before when there have been times that one member of staff is managing and treating 12 patients on her own. Did you know there is one person managing the pharmacy at my hospital? ONE. That one pharmacist has to do  rounds every day delivering medication to the wards. One person. He takes all the orders, mixes the appropriate medicines, orders new ones in, fills prescriptions from the staff that have to go down to him to pick up medicines for patients that can’t wait until next rounds. For example, in my care the nurse had to go down and pick up both my drips herself and then administer them.

Personally,  I love the NHS!! And I have had my share of bad experiences. The truth is, if people used their GP rather than running up to A&E because of a nose bleed, if people did not brawl in the streets, or get so drunk they hurt themselves, then the NHS would be less stressed and we would get a better standard of care!


Someone has broken into your home, and you are devastated. Naturally, you phone the police. 2 Hours later, you are sitting in the mess, unable to start clearing it up as you need the police to see it. You are upset, and you are getting angry that the police are taking so long to show up. You might even ring again to see when they will be coming. What you don’t know, is that a child has just gone missing, and all available units are working to locate the child.

Now flip it round again. Your 7 year old son is missing, he has been gone for 3 hours now, but the police have not shown up because they are looking round a house that had been broken into. They loose valuable time (the golden hour) taking statement from the burgled victims.

In an ideal world, police would turn up where they are needed within 10 minutes of a call being made. They would find the perpetrator before the day is out. They get locked up for a million years. But it just can’t work like that. Again, not without a significant raise in taxes. We have to take in good faith that the police genuinely are trying to get to you. They are just extremely busy. And again, there is a lot of red tape. The police have to jump through certain hoops to make an arrest. And even more to take it to court. It isn’t like the old days when police had more power and didn’t have to have ever footstep they make approved.

I am happy knowing the police will attend more serious incidents as quickly as they possibly can, rather than knowing they race to the rescue when someone walks past your house smoking a spliff.


I hear less complaints about the fire service than anything else. But we should still take a minute to show appreciation. Because they will literally run into a burning building to rescue you. They regularly put their lives at risk just to keep us safe. They work in appalling conditions with extreme heat, unstable grounds, risk of things falling on their head and with appalling visibility. They are the good guys that will climb up a tree to rescue your cat. They will saw through a car so you can be removed from it safely. You have to love those men and women. And, they wear a sexy uniform just for us (don’t burst my bubble, they wear it just for me). Oh yes!

Coast Guard

Many miss the coast guard off their list of emergency services. Not everyone knows you can ask for them when dialling 999. These are more unsung heroes. These men and women will search for hours to try and find someone that went missing in the water. These are the ones that will come to the rescue if something goes wrong at sea, these are the ones that will tow you back if you run out of fuel. These are the ones that will warn you if anything bad is happening in the waters. They will go out no matter how bad the weather, no matter how big the waves, no matter how dangerous it is, to save you. Yay coast guards!


If we are injured, we can get treated. If we are in danger, we can get help. If we have suffered an attack, there are people there. If someone we love goes missing, there are people to look for them. If we get cancer, we will get treatment. If we are trapped in a burning building, we will be rescued. If there is a dangerous person on the street, we will be protected. If we break a bone, we will have a cast. If we fall down a cliff, we will be lifted back up. If we are injured in the middle of nowhere, a helicopter will take us to the hospital.

In all the situations when our worst fears happen, we have help. Sure, none of the services are perfect. Mistakes will be made, you wont always be happy with the service you received. But you are never alone. And you don’t need to think about whether or not you can afford an ambulance before you ask for one.

Now, I am British, and a love a good bloody moan more than anything on this planet, I find it brilliant for the soul, but perhaps there are better things to moan about than people trying their best. Drum and bass, for example. I could moan about that vile noise all day.




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