Meet the neighbours- Part 2


Yesterday I spoke about two of my neighbours, now it is time for the rest!

Drug Dealers:

The neighbours two floors below me sell drugs, which is made worse my their marijuana habits. The smell wafts in through the windows and the bathroom cupboard (There is a cupboard above my toilet with all the pipes, it has no floor, so it is just a straight down column, unfortunately giving a free passage to, well, everything).

Also, they have the most interesting arguments, which get very loud and has resulted in over 34 inside door replacements in the past year.


A certain man in the block has severe mental health problems and anger problems. When he kicks off, he is liable to come at your door with a fire extinguisher trying to get in, (not my door yet, but still) and slit his throat on your doorstep. Which needs special cleaners to come and clear it up because he has AIDS. Lovely. He also drinks whisky all day, decides to eat, puts food in the oven, and falls asleep. Well I say asleep. I mean unconscious. He has had firemen try to bash the door down, drill the lock, blast sirens outside, shout, take an axe to the door etc and he has not waken up. And one time, he fell unconscious to the floor whilst unlocking his door, after  an ambulance crew came they managed to rouse him, but with great difficulty and plenty of poking him in the eyes. Still, having a tirade of firemen and police coming in the block constantly means I get lots of eye candy to look at 🙂

So, you have met the neighbours. In the block next to me last winter, there was an interesting party, that ended in arguments, and as I was sitting on my balcony, I was eavesdropping. A drunk young lad in his teens/ early 20’s, came up to the block and shouted up to his friend that he thought he had been stabbed. When his friend asked who did it,  he replied ‘I think I stabbed myself blood (or is it ‘blud’ these days?). I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Only on my road!!

Now, as someone who has mental health problems, I can understand them perhaps more than others who don’t have them. However, I do think that some behaviours are unacceptable no matter what condition you have. I truly believe we have to help ourselves, and if that involves  therapy, medication or anything,  you do it. There are ways to manage mental health and there have been many advances over the last couple of decades. I get low and really struggle, I was also admitted to a secure ward earlier this year. So I do understand how bad things get. But I truly believe you have to try. Even the most seriously ill have days when they feel ok, and it should be occurring to them on those days that they don’t  want to be like that forever.

Tomorrow, I will be writing about a crisis box, an invaluable tool for those that self harm. So if you, or someone you know, has self harmed in the past, pop back tomorrow!


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