You can’t understand, a poem by me.

I wrote this poem earlier this year, I hope you enjoy it.

I am used to things looking down
Another terrible piece of my past has been found
I will never be completely clean
There will always be that disgusting sheen

There are parts of my life that are easy to share
But the darkest parts I couldn’t dare share
They could make you sick, turn away in disgust
You can even give me the teary eye if you must

You can’t understand, accept that fact
And I can’t explain, so perhaps that’s that
But when I flip out, cry shout and scream
I need you to say it was just a bad dream

Be there to hold me, through the best and the worst
Accept that these demons have left me cursed
But when I can manage to laugh and to smile
Life can be perfect, just for a while

This is my intellectual property and ask that this text is not used in whole or in part without my prior expressed permission. And if I do give you permission please include my name and a link to this blog


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